Secrets and Powers of Crystals and Gemstones

This exciting, full colour, Ebook includes information on the following:

  • A-Z of the most popular Crystals & Gems
  • Ancient & modern properties
  • Healing properties of Crystals & Gems
  • How to choose your Crystals & Gems
  • How to care for your Crystals & Gems
  • Chakra Crystals & Gems
  • Astrological & Zodiac Crystals & Gems
  • The secret life of Crystals
  • And much, much, more

Secret Powers of Gemstones and Cyrstals

This is a full colour Ebook with a wealth of information and pictures. Contained within its pages are answers to questions I'm asked time and again, such as:

  • Why do crystals & gemstones have power?
  • How do you use them effectively?
  • How do you heal with crystals & gemstones?
  • Should you share your crystals & gemstones?
  • ... and answers to many more questions too!

This Ebook will probably give you all the answers you've been looking for and if it doesn't you can email your question and get a prompt answer from a real person.

Even those of you with a good understanding of the uses and powers of crystals & gemstones may surprise yourselves by finding information here that you don't already know.

There's even information here on semi and semi-precious stones and the various cuts available for jewellery. Of course, I prefer to choose my jewellery for its metaphysical properties but I'm aware that other people make their choices for different reasons.

Useful tip - this season's must have piece is Apatite. It seems to have taken on a life of its own and is selling like 'hot cakes'.

Apatite is actually great for Emotions, Speech, Business, and Bones and I'm sure its no coincidence that this particular stone is being purchased by many of you right now. Emotions are running high in the world and many people are having difficulty in speaking up for what they believe in loud enough to make their point of view heard.

Words from the author:

I'm a successful Life Coach and use crystals and gemstones in my work and recommend them to my clients when appropriate. I also work with colour therapy, aromatherapy and many other methods to get Mind, Body & Spirit working together.

If you want to make a difference to your life & the lives of others, be more fulfilled & know the direction you wish to travel in then you could start right here with crystals & gemstones.

Your life is a journey and you are in control of where it leads so make a start right now by learning how crystals & gemstones can really work for you.

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Note: This is an eBook
This is an eBook which means it is not a physical book but rather an electronic book that is downloaded in an electronic format.
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