David Blaine's Mega Magic

Learn To Levitate!
120+ Card Tricks

-- Choose a card, any card... Everybody loves magic! Now you can amaze and entice your friends and family with the same awesome tricks David Blaine performs. Street magic at its best! Sport your new talents at the club, at work, at school, on the street... Watch your children learn a trick and become little Entertainers, which is sure to boost their self-confidence. All you'll need is this extremely affordable ebook and an ordinary deck of playing cards. No special equipment required.

Some of the Card Tricks you'll learn include:

After Drinks The Hotel Lazy Magician Mind Reader
Four Kingdoms Lucky 13 Spelling Bee Teleporting Card
Think of a Card Vanishing Card 49er Fools Gold Bottoms Up
Cutting The Ace Get Money In My Pocket Psychic Hotline
Poker Trial Quick Flip Slap Happy Not Your Card

... and over 100 additional magic card tricks!

Here is a list of the tricks you will learn:

  • Fly Resurrection
  • Coin Bite and Restored Coin
  • Cough, Cough
  • Coin Vanish
  • Card In Bottle
  • Cigarette Through the Coin Trick
  • Ace Shake
  • Voodoo Ash
  • Two Card Monte
  • Twisting Arm Illusion
  • Psycho Kinetic Time
  • Card Through Window
  • Tax Disc Removal Secret
  • Card Flick Revelation

Coin Tricks

Everybody loves coin tricks! They're quick to perform and easy to learn.

Here is a list of the coin tricks you'll learn:

  • Vanishing Quarter
  • Easy Coin Vanish
  • Minus Your Money
  • Swindled Coin
  • Handkerchief And Coin Trick
  • Palm Penetration
  • Coin Bite
  • French Drop!
  • Coin to Biscuit
  • Hopping Quarter
  • Coin in Wool
  • Double Sided Coin
  • The DeManche Change
  • Falling Quarter

Let's not forget parties too. Impress the crowd with these amazing bar tricks. Get bets placed against you and you'll be drinking free all night. Who wouldn't love that?!

Here is a list of the bar tricks you'll learn:

  • Anti Gravity Beer: An annoying person returns to their bar stool to find that their bottle of beer has been turned upside down without any beer falling out. The bottle is then handed to them and the beer spills all over the place...so sorry about that.
  • Everlasting Ash: A friend is challenged to see who can smoke the longest distance without losing any ash. You'll win every time...if you smoke.
  • Liquor Switch: One shot glass is filled with water and the other with whisky. The challenge is getting the whisky in the glass that has the water and the water in the glass that has the whisky without using any other containers, including your mouth. Curious?
  • Penetrating Ashes: The magician takes a cigarette and rubs some of the ashes into the spectators clenched fist until the ashes disappear. He then says some magic words and asks the spectator to open their fist. The ash has penetrated onto their palm!
  • Coin Island: One glass, a matchbook, six coins, and an ashtray with water in it. Bet your friends one drink that you can get the water out of the ashtray using only the ingredients mentioned and without moving or tilting the ashtray.
  • The Bar Balance: Balance 3 empty beer glasses on top of each other on their outer rims, without the help of any other object whatsoever!
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