Beginners Guide To Golf

This ebook is ideal for anyone who has just started playing golf or who is about to start playing.

Golf is a wonderful sport, but all the terms, rules and lingo can be daunting to the newcomer! Let this eBook guide you into the wondergul world of Golf!

Some of the subjects explained in this eBook include:

What is Golf ?

  • The Golf course explained
  • Different types of golf courses
  • How to join a golf club
  • what to find at a driving range
  • Advice on visiting a driving range
  • How and where to practice
  • The Scorecard explained

Golf Equipment

  • What does a set of clubs consist of ?
  • A more advanced guide to clubs
  • Club head materials
  • Club head construction
  • Custom fitting
  • Other golf equipment

Golf shots explained

  • Hook /Slice
  • Push / Pull
  • Sky
  • Duff / Fat
  • Thin / Top
  • Shank
  • Draw / Fade / Fresh air
  • Pitch / Chip / Put

Game Formats Explained

  • Stroke play
  • Stableford
  • Bogey / Par
  • Matchplay

Game Types Explained

  • Singles
  • Fourball
  • Foursomes !!
  • Greensomes
  • Fensome or St Andrews Foursomes !!
  • Bloodsomes

Other Golf Games

  • Texas scramble
  • Skins
  • On the perch
  • American points
  • Flag
  • Yellow Ball

The Handicap system

  • How does it work
  • Category handicap range
  • Stroke index
  • Qualifying competitions
  • Standard Scratch Score SSS
  • Qualifying Score
  • Nett Differential
  • Buffer zone
  • Exact v Playing handicap

The Rules of Golf

  • Section 1 - Etiquette
  • Section 2 - Definitions
  • Section 3 - The rules of play


  • A complete dictionary list of words and terms used in golf
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