7000 Baby Names

Do you have a baby on the way?

Then this is for you! Expecting a girl or boy?

Be prepared and have a shortlist of names prepared so that it is not a frantic rush for you when baby arrives. Enjoy the birth of your baby without having to worry about details such as the naming of your baby.

Buy this book today and get instant access to over 7,200 baby names to choose from or to spark your creativity with the all important naming of your baby.

Following are some tips to get you going:

  • Remember that names are for a lifetime
  • Choose a name that gives you a warm, comfortable feeling
  • Be conscious of how the name sounds
  • Avoid names with initials that spell out words e.g. Richard Alexander Turner
  • Think about nicknames
  • Should you honor a family member? It's your choice
  • Think twice before choosing a one-of-a-kind celebrity name
  • Decide whether you like the idea of a popular name
  • Try to anticipate spelling or pronunciation problems
  • Go with your heart!
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